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Surrounded by 700 hectares with forests, environmental protection areas and 50 springs, the Rio Verde farm is located in the Mantiqueira Hills region. We can discover 22 hectares of Australian Cedar and African Mahogany trees, and 30 beehives. Coffee is cultivated on 32 spots that are above 1000 meters of altitude. The plots give their names to coffee. This coffee comes from the B34 plot of 15 hectares. This yellow bourbon microlot is natural processed, then cherries are dried on african beds for 43 hours and 68 hours in a vertical dryer.

Flavour and brew recommendation : A tropical profile and flavours of caramel and hazelnut. Good for Americano, Filter Coffee and perfect for Espresso.


Country: Brazil
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1195 – 1282 m
Region: Sao Paulo

Flavour: A tropical profile and flavours of Caramel and Hazelnut.

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