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Alejo Castro Kalhe is the fifth generation of coffee growers. Previous generations, of German origin on her mother’s side and Spanish origin on her father’s side, had moved to Mexico in Chiapas and Costa Rica to produce coffee. He takes over the family farm and adds his touch. Passionate about experimentations of varieties and new processes, he proposes us this excellent microlot of caturra prepared in red honey.
The red honey is simply a honey process with a lot of mucilage left on the grains. This coffee is close to a natural cup profile.


Country: Costa Rica
Varietal: Red Cattura
Processing: Red Honey
Altitude: 1400-1500 m above sea level
Region: Central Valley

Flavours: This red honey processed coffee reveals a tropical profile, notes of strawberries, figs and a greedy finish with chocolate, caramel, maple syrup flavours.



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