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El Salvador Bundle Set

187.00 AED

Explore the vibrant flavors of Central America with our EL SALVADOR Bundle Set, carefully crafted for convenience and exceptional taste:

– Coffee Beans: Harvested from the mineral-rich volcanic soils of El Salvador, these beans are perfect for both espresso and filter coffee, offering a rich and satisfying brew.

– Drip Bag Coffee: Quick and easy, our drip bags are ideal for a flavorful cup on the move. Simply add hot water to unlock the full potential of El Salvadoran coffee.

– Coffee Bags: Enjoy the simplicity of coffee bags with the depth of El Salvadoran coffee; steep in hot water and savor the hassle-free, full-bodied experience.

This bundle set is the perfect companion for any coffee enthusiast, offering versatility and the finest flavors that El Salvador’s coffee heritage has to offer.

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El Salvador Bundle Set