Kenya Chania

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Chania Estate is named after the Chania river that runs along one of its boundaries. Owned by the Harries family, who have resided in Thika since 1904, the estate is located on a plateau surrounded by deep river valleys.

The soil is a deep red colour, rich in nutrients ideal for growing coffee. This lot is made up of a mix of all the varieties that grow on the farm. It’s «AA» grade is a denotation of bean size and includes beans 7.25 mm and up. Sorting coffees by size creates different flavour profiles and makes it easier to get an even roast. «AA» grade coffees are the most prized for their crisp acidity and complex flavour profiles.

Chania was one of the first farms in Kenya to start producing naturally processed coffees. In washed coffee, the skin and sticky fruit (mucilage) of the coffee cherry are removed before the coffee is dried. With a naturally processed coffee, these are left intact. As the coffee dries, the mucilage of the cherry ferment, imparting rich fruit flavours into the coffee bean.


Country: Kenya

Region: Thika

Varietal: SL 14, 28, 34

Process: Kenyan Washed

Elevation: 1525  meters

Flavour: Blackberry, raspberry and caramel

Brewing Suggestions: V60, Chemex


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0.25 kg, 0.50 kg, 1 kg


AeroPress, Chemex, Filter, French Press, V60, Whole Bean

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