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Steamhammer Cattiva 2 groups XLVI

31,725.00 AED

XLVI Steamhammer “Cattiva”: this coffee machine allows the operator to preset the amount of water for coffee extraction.

Recommended for intensive use, it ensures reliability in works with large volumes.

It is available with one, two or three coffee extraction groups and you can choose your favourite fingerboard with 5 or 7 buttons.


  • P.I.D. heating system
  • Advanced electronics
  • Display TFT touch screen (colors)
  • Coffee probe temperature
  • Automatic switch off
  • Energy saving
  • Coffee counter
  • Automatic washing
  • Maintenance warns
  • Smooth flow: dispensing flow sweet and steady for an espresso madewith velvety homogeneous texture
  • Fingerboard “easy use”: it’s conceived in a very intuitive way and tobe comfortable to the touch.
  • Available 4 or 7 buttons
  • Mug bowl: this reversible grid facilitates the management of differentsized cups.
  • Customizable machine



Net Weight-66 Kg

Boiler capacity-14 l

Power-3500 W / 4000 W

Voltage-220-240 V

Black painted

LED light

In stock

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Steamhammer Cattiva 2 groups XLVI