STH9 2 Groups XLVI

STH9 2-3 groups equipped with a multibolier technology, along with high level electronics, it allows

to adjust the temperature,
an extraordinary thermal stability and energy efficiency. Recommended for intensive use, it ensures reliability in works with large volumes.


  • Multibolier technology
  • Saturated group 7,5 kg
  • Last generation P.I.D system
  • Full stainless steel / copper insulatedchassis
  • Internal rotation pump 150 liters /hours
  • Smooth flow: sweet and steady di-spensing flow for a velvety and homo-geneous texture into the cup
  • Steam box: It allow to adjust the pressure and the steam flow for a compact and hydrated cream
  •  Fingerboard “Easy use”:
    it is conceived in a very intuitive way and to be comfortable to the touch

    • LCD display touch and Extraction stop- watch

    • Settings:

    • –  Automatic switch on /off
    • –  Eco mode
    • –  Automatic washing
    • –  Maintenance warns
    • • Coffee counter
    • • Customizable machine


STH9 2 Groups

ITEM 1100011 (standard model) TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Net weight-68 Kg

Boiler capacity-14 l

Power standard-5700 W

Power Model P-6200 W

Voltage-220-240 V



Additional information

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 55 × 73 × 55 cm