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Timemore Grinder Chestnut C2

250.00 AED

The grinder is an excellent companion for the preparation of filtered coffee. You can easily set the grinding roughness on the jumping mechanism, which is revealed to you after unscrewing the collecting container. Turn to the left to grind finer, to the right to set a coarser grind. When adjusting the roughness, do not forget to put on the handle, otherwise the axis would rotate. Once set, it’s time to grind. Put the collection container back on, fill the grinder with coffee beans (it can hold up to 25 g), close the lid and you have the green one. The first thing you will notice is how fast and comfortable the grinder grinds. Thanks to the well-sharpened stones, you will feel almost no resistance and you will be done in a moment – the Chestnut C2 can handle up to 1 g / s for coarser Frenchpress grinding!

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Timemore Grinder Chestnut C2