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Vietnamese Coffee Filter – Stainless Steel

33.00 AED

A unique, compact pour over coffee vessel.

Made from stainless steel with a capacity of 250mls, weighing just 174g makes this perfect for home, office or travelling. This is an original and traditional Vietnamese way to make filter coffee.

Making iced coffee is as easy as adding sweetened condensed milk to your cup before placing the dripper on top. Brew the hot coffee directly onto the milk, stir and pour over a long glass with ice.

Easy to use:

  • Add 25 g of your preferred coffee ground medium to coarse.

  • Secure filter plate over grinds.

  • Cover with a small amount of boiling water to wet the grinds.

  • Briefly wait till it has dripped through.

  • Fill to the top with more boiling water and let drip through, placing the lid on top to keep your brew warm.

Once finished your coffee is ready to enjoy with your own variations of sugar, milk or ice.


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Vietnamese Coffee Filter – Stainless Steel