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Costa Rica Aserri

80.00 AED

Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Central America with our “Costa Rica Aserri” Drip Coffee Bags. Sourced from the lush Aserri region, known for its optimal coffee-growing conditions, these drip bags encapsulate the essence of Costa Rican coffee. With each pack containing 10 sachets, you’re equipped for any scenario—be it a busy morning, a quick office break, or while on the move.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Open the sachet, unfold the Coffee Filter Bag, and place it over your cup.
  2. Slowly pour hot water (90°C-87°C / 150ml-180ml), savoring the aroma as it brews.
  3. Once brewed, discard the bag and enjoy the coffee’s vibrant notes of citrus and chocolate, with a smooth finish.

A Symphony of Flavors: Expect a harmonious blend of acidity and sweetness, capturing the nuanced complexity of Costa Rican coffee. Our “Costa Rica Aserri” Drip Bags are a testament to the tradition of coffee excellence in Costa Rica, offering a convenient yet uncompromising coffee experience.

Savor the perfect mix of convenience and quality with our drip coffee bags, designed to bring you an impeccable cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere.

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Costa Rica Aserri