Ethiopia Hambela

88.00 AED

The soils in the southern and western parts of the coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia are volcanic. Volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and minerals.

The Guji region receives ample rainfall and is marked by steep mountainous terrain: perfect conditions to support the vast array of coffee grown here.

Farmers cultivate coffee trees in the Hambella District in the much-beloved Guji region. Guji coffee has only recently been distinguished from neighboring Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Due to their incredible quality and unique profiles, they are quickly gaining international recognition.


10 sachets of portable, compact and easy to use Drip Coffee Bags are perfect choice for home, office, travel and more.


  1. After opening the packet tear the COFFE FILTER BAG from the top
  2. Place the handles on a cup
  3. Slowly pour hot water(90°-87° / 150ml-180ml) into the opening
  4. Ones it’s done, remove bag and enjoy your coffee!

Flavour: Raspberry, Jasmine and Chocolate

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