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Capsule Gift Box

176.80 AED

Surprise your loved ones with the ultimate coffee experience: Our Capsule Gift Box designed for Nespresso machines, offering eight world-class flavors, with two capsules of each to savor and enjoy:

  • Ethiopia: Indulge in the birthplace of coffee with capsules that deliver bright and fruity notes.
  • Colombia: Enjoy the timeless appeal of Colombian coffee, featuring a balanced taste with a subtle hint of sweetness.
  • Honduras: Explore the smooth, chocolatey notes, paired with a touch of mild fruitiness for a gentle, satisfying cup.
  • Costa Rica: Experience the vibrant and crisp taste, with a nuanced flavor profile that makes for a delightful espresso.

Our Capsule Gift Box is the perfect way to sample a range of exquisite coffee varieties, each Nespresso-compatible capsule ready to deliver a perfect shot of espresso with ease. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, sweet, or rich, this set has you covered.

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Capsule Gift Box