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4 Mix Beans Gift Box

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Sample the world with our Mix Gift Box, a premium selection of coffee beans from across the globe, tailored for any coffee connoisseur:

  • Guatemala Cobán (250 gr): Experience the unique microclimate of the Cobán region with beans that offer a rich, velvety body and a subtle fruity acidity, highlighted by notes of chocolate and a hint of spice. Perfect for those who seek depth and complexity in their cup.
  • Cauca, Colombia (250 gr): Delight in the bright acidity and sweet caramel notes of Cauca beans, a sunny choice for espresso lovers. These beans capture the essence of Colombian coffee, offering a smooth and balanced cup that’s both invigorating and comforting.
  • Santa Ana, El Salvador (250 gr): Discover the refined sweetness and lush body of Santa Ana beans, where hints of citrus meet a smooth chocolatey finish. This selection is a testament to El Salvador’s rich coffee cultivation heritage, versatile enough for both espresso and filter coffee.
  • Costa Rica Los Santos (250 gr): Venture into the heart of Costa Rica with Los Santos beans, known for their crisp acidity and a balanced cup with notes of fruit and nut. This choice exemplifies the vibrant coffee culture of Costa Rica, offering a clean and refreshing finish.

This Mix Gift Box is a passport to the diverse profiles of coffee, handpicked for those who love to explore a range of tastes and brewing styles. Enjoy a world of flavor in your cup.

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4 Mix Beans Gift Box