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Ethiopia Gift Box

220.00 AED

Embrace the heart of Ethiopia with our Ethiopia Bundle Set, perfectly curated for coffee aficionados who appreciate the subtle art of flavor. This set includes:

  • Adola (250 gr): Ideal for filter coffee, these beans offer a bright berry zest with floral whispers. A vibrant choice that brings the essence of Ethiopian coffee to life.
  • Lekempti (250 gr): Perfect for espresso enthusiasts, Lekempti beans provide a chocolatey depth laced with a hint of citrus, offering a bold yet balanced cup that captures the robust spirit of its region.
  • Guji Kercha (250 gr): Versatile for both espresso and filter brews, these beans balance stone fruit sweetness with a touch of caramel, reflecting the rich diversity of Ethiopian coffee.
  • Gelana Abaya (250 gr): A jewel in the crown of Ethiopian coffee, Gelana Abaya beans enchant with their lush body and vibrant notes of berry and floral hints, perfect for those who cherish a cup with layered complexity and a graceful finish.

Each selection is tailored to enhance your brewing method of choice, ensuring every cup is a delightful journey through Ethiopia’s finest coffee regions.

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Ethiopia Gift Box