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Drip Bag Bundle Set

204.00 AED

Take your taste buds on a global tour with our DRIP BAG Bundle Set, featuring a meticulously curated collection of single-origin coffees:

– Colombia: Discover the classic, smooth flavors with a hint of nutty undertones, perfect for starting your day with a balanced cup.

– Ethiopia Kochere: Experience the exotic, with floral notes and a citrusy zest, ideal for an afternoon refreshment.

– Guatemala: Enjoy the rich, chocolatey essence with a touch of spice, a comforting choice for winding down.

Each drip bag in the set is pre-portioned for convenience, ensuring a fresh, perfectly brewed cup every time. Whether you’re at home or on the go, these drip bags bring the world’s finest coffee to your cup with no fuss and no mess.


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Drip Bag Bundle Set