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The Amatitlan growing region surrounds Lake Amatitlán in Guatemala near the Pacific Ocean. Of the five volcanic coffee regions of Guatemala, Atitlán’s soil is the richest in organic matter.

Ninety percent of coffee is cultivated along the slopes of the three volcanoes that dominate the shores of Lake Amatitlán. The daily winds (called Xocomil) that stir the cold lake waters are an important influence on the microclimate.

The coffee from this region is known for its full body and floral acidity with a rich and aromatic flavor.

The Starry family grows this coffee at their farm, La Revuelta, and processes it at their mill, Lirios de Belen — where the drying patios overlook Lake Amatitlán and volcanoes loom on the horizon in the distance! Christian Starry, Sr. runs the farm and his son, Christian Starry, Jr., handles the mill. The coffee plants are fertilized with organic matter instead of chemical fertilizers.

This lot gets its intense fruity flavors from the post-harvest processing method called natural process, or dry process, where the farmer dries the coffee cherries whole, like raisins, then removes the seeds (beans) at the end of the drying process.

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